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Immigration Bonds - Consumer Tips
Be Careful Who You Do Business With

Like most businesses, some immigration bail agencies are owned and operated by honest, reputable professionals and unfortunately some are not.

Protect yourself and your family by following these few simple consumer tips when looking for immigration bonds services:

  • Be sure that you only contract with a licensed immigration bond agent. Ask to see the immigration bondsmans license and identification prior to any bail transaction.

  • Be sure that the immigration bail agent charges you only legal rates. The premium (fee) charged for an immigration bond in the United States is either 10% (plus annual renewal costs) or 20% (one time fee) of the full bail amount. Any additional charges should be itemized and explained to your satisfaction. Be sure you are given receipts for all charges.

  • Be sure that you are given copies of all signed contracts and agreements.  

Finally, trust your instincts - if you are concerned about working with a particular immigration bail agency, do not enter into an agreement with them. There are other qualified immigration bail professionals professionals to assist you. Of course we hope you choose us for all of your bail bond and immigration bond needs. 

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